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Jon Spencer . Calvin Johnson. The Black-Eyed Snakes . Solex . Old Time Relijun . Richard Buckner. Bloodshot Bill . Bob Log III and more!


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Videos promoting community engagement

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"I've yet to see something from Violet Biggs that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. This woman seems to possess That Magic Touch..." - K
_Kramer THE FOOL

 Photo: Monica McGivern

"I've never met a more dedicated and focused filmmaker as Violet Biggs. No matter the circumstances, she's determined to get the best out of any shot. Her work deserves the biggest audience."
Liesbeth Esselink ...
Elisabeth Esselink aka Solex
"I see your work as intensely searching and bringing out the people and places you film. Placing them in the shoots where they have their personality in clear focus, letting the viewer see them as you see them. Immediately identifiable as someone they have reminded you of in the past, or someone you have known for years. Using the camera as a lens to the soul."
Columbia Pike Documentary ProjectDon Zientara, musician/sound engineer,  owns Inner Ear recording studio, 2701 S. Ozkland St., Arlington VA 22206. Many seminal punk rock (and other) musicians have recorded at his studio. He has been recording in Arlington for almost 30 years, initially in his home at 712 S. Ivy St., Arlington VA 22204, and for 20 years at the Oakland St. location.w- 703-820-8923   info@innerearstudio.com
Don Zientara

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