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Violet Biggs Productions offers fine art photography and film production with a focus on live music. Over the past 30 years I have been very passionate about my photography and lately it has rapidly evolved into a more serious position. I am currently available to take on new film and photography projects and would love to work with you. I also have prints of my work available. If interested please check out the “SHOP” page for links to  connect with my stores via Society6, Redbubble and Etsy. There you can purchase prints of my photography on products such as pillows, phone skins, shower curtains and more. Enjoy!

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"I've yet to see something from Violet Biggs that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. This woman seems to possess That Magic Touch..."
- Kramer
Artist / Producer (credit: Monica McGivern)
"I've never met a more dedicated and focused filmmaker as Violet Biggs. No matter the circumstances, she's determined to get the best out of any shot. Her work deserves the biggest audience."
- Elisabeth Esselink aka Solex
"I see your work as intensely searching and bringing out the people and places you film. Placing them in the shoots where they have their personality in clear focus, letting the viewer see them as you see them. Immediately identifiable as someone they have reminded you of in the past, or someone you have known for years. Using the camera as a lens to the soul."
Don Zientara
Engineer / Producer (credit: Lloyd Wolf)

Check out what these awesome folks have to say about Violet Biggs!

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