Violet Biggs Productions

With over 30 years experience, Violet Biggs provides; superb photography services, photographic canvases, cards, custom made pendants, and key chains, as well as guerrilla-style documentary productions

"Your Revolutionary Visionary!"


Goth Crow Key Chain Etsy
Goth Crow Pendant

Custom Made Pendants

Carefully hand crafted pendants with original photos by Violet Biggs.

Made with lead-free alloy materials and glass

Georgia Flowers Pendant
Kelsey & Mac Key Chain

Customized Pets Pendants

Custom made key chains or pendants hand crafted with LOVE.

Made with lead-free alloy materials and glass.

Pepe the Bunny
Puzzle Piece 36" x 24"

Photographic Canvases

Perfectly printed canvases made with original Violet Biggs Photography.


Perfect for any room!

Perfection 16" x 20"
70s Crow & Silver Fern

Photographic Cards

Beautiful ‘All Occasion’ cards using Violet Biggs Photography.

Sold in packs of 6 or more

Menorah Tree & Puzzle Piece
Beautiful Beatrice

Photo Shoots

Capture those important memories




Violet Biggs is always ready to execute your particular needs with enthusiasm, creativity & passion.

Satisfied Customers

Repeat customers are proof of Violet BIgg's dedication to providing a high level of satisfaction.

cowgir Whitel

Unique Creativity

Nowhere else will you find such unique styles and ongoing creative flow.

Fair Prices

violet Biggs provides the highest value for you money without compromise!