Our current doc: "Engine Ears"

"Engine Ears" is currently in production. Directed & Produced by Holly Craine. Watch the trailer below!

I decided to marry my two greatest loves; photography and music! When I listen to music, I decipher and appreciate nuances and feel the messages brought by the artists, engineers and producers. We all perceive in our own way and I believe the art of recording acts as it's own stage. FULL FILM COMING SOON!

Our first doc: "Are You on the The Menu?"

"Are You on the Menu?" made it’s debut in Toronto in August 2002, and also had screenings in New York City, St. Louis, & Guelph, Ontario. Directed & Produced by Holly Craine. Watch the acclaimed Documentary below!


Once I had completed the final, I started to submit Are You on the Menu? to festivals and set up a grand screening in Toronto AYOTM was chosen to be featured at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in the spring of 2002, where it was Nominated 'Best International Documentary'.

The Birth of 'Are You on the Menu?'

In 1999 I was in a friend's studio, when he offered me to use it if I came up with a project idea. I thought why not give it a whirl! Keeping in mind, the old adage, ' stick to what you know about'. Well, I had waitressed for well over 2 decades, so I thought this is something I could really talk about! I moved to Toronto, got a job at the Black Bull Tavern and got to work shooting through 2000-2001. At that time, I worked in both film and serving so I could stay close to both subjects. I had worked in almost all of the establishments in the movie, even it was just for one day to get inside of the places and kept me close to my desired outcome.