Live Music

Film Production

Experience shooting bands all over the globe

The Black-Eyed Snakes Portland, Oregon 2002

I was lucky enough to catch Alan Sparkhawk’s (Low) sexy and raw Blues band at the Tape Op Conference.

Bloodshot Bill Montreal, Quebec 2006

BSB and I met a few years earlier when he played with the Hubcaps in Ontario. 

The stars aligned and we were able to meet up again in Montreal the week I moved there!

Bob Log III Toronto,Ontario 2004

In 2003 I stayed at Bob’s in Tucson, AZ while I filmed for Engine Ears at Jim Waters studio; Waterworks West. While there, we went to Phoenix, to shoot a ‘behind the scenes’ video for the making of one of Bob’s music videos.

Bob and I became friends and met several times on his tours in different cities after that.

Richard Buckner  New Orleans, Louisiana 2005

I had seen Buckner in Toronto years earlier and loved his voice! 

This performance was an after hours gig for the Tape Op conference in 2005.

Drums & Tuba Toronto, Ontario 2005

When I was in New Orleans, I met engineer, Goat, who worked with D & T. 

We ended up meeting in Toronto a month later, where I shot some video of the show at Sneaky Dee’s.

Old Time Relijun Tucson, Arizona 2004

I was fortunate enough to sit in on Old Time Relijun’s recording of their album Lost Light in Olympia, WA for my documentary Engine Ears.

When I returned to Tucson to the following year, we got to reunite at a gig, so I filmed them again!

Calvin Johnson Toronto Ontario 2005

Calvin was one of the first interviewees for Engine Ears. We met at Tape Op Con 2003 and from there I travelled to Olympia to shoot him recording Old Time Relijun’s album, “Lost Light”.

When Calvin came to Toronto, we met up for this gig.

Heavy Trash and the Sadies Kitchener, Ontario 2006

Jon Spencer has always been of one of my all time favourite performers!

I was fortunate enough to meet and interview both Jon and Matt for my film Engine Ears.

Paul MacLeod, Guelph Ontario 2002

Uber talented Paul McLeod was a local favourite for many in urban Ontario.

Sadly, Paul passed away in 2016. He is greatly missed and his legendary voice echoes for many.


Shellac New Orleans, Louisiana, 2005

Shellac is engineer Steve Albini’s long time running band with Todd Trainer and Bob Weston.

I interviewed Steve in Portland at the first Tape Op Con for Engine Ears. We then caught up in New Orleans for the 3rd one.

Shellac played an after hours gig at the Howlin’ Wolf’ as part of the Tape Op conference.

Solex aka Elisabeth Esselink Toronto, Ontario 2004

Solex is a music producer of pop music and electronica. She is one of many subjects in Engine Ears.

I interviewed her at her record shop studio in Amsterdam in 2004.

A couple of months later she toured North America, where we met up again!

Sugarbush Tucson, Arizona 2004

Tucson based Sugarbush was everywhere both times I went to Arizona. Sugarbush comprises of  twin rockers Dawn and Kee Kopps, along with a little help from Dimitri and Ryen of Golden Boots.

Tom Walbank Tucson, Arizona 2004

I met Tom Walbank playing his southern bluesy rock when I travelled to Tucson a couple of times to film for Engine Ears.

Walbank is definitely a Tucson staple!

This is the first teaser I made for Engine Ears featuring Clavin Johnson and Old Tme Relijun.

A little taste of what’s coming!

This is a demo for my documentary Engine Ears, featuring a plethora of notable producers and engineers!!

Stay plugged in!